Your home inspection isn’t about your home – it’s about your family

At Crossroads Engineers, we don’t just “do” home inspections – we protect you and your family.

We do this by thoroughly going through your home with you. By relying on over 25 years of experience, and by doing everything we can for you with our eyes and hands – at one price. You don’t get shorted an inspection item just because you can’t pay the additional fees for the up-sale. Most importantly, we protect you by having you right there with us – beginning to end. Hang close and ask lots of questions! It’s what we’re about.

Utah’s most highly recommended inspector

Most widely published inspector in the U.S.

Inspecting since 1993

Certified meth decontamination specialist

Registered structural engineer

and we want you there
beginning to end!
Feel welcome at your house!

Looking for an inspector that wasn’t a grocery bagger last month?
That’s honorable work, but it might not prepare someone to protect you and your family.
Check out Garth’s library of podcasts, videos, articles and books. It might tell you something about us  🙂

Our phone number? Sure! It’s (801) 763-1932

As per our rather bold claim to be the area’s most highly recommended inspector – and most widely published home inspector anywhere ever, here are our thoughts:

First, the words “you come highly recommended” happen a lot. Realtors who know, refer us. Family members do the same. It’s fun being in a business where everybody else toots your horn – so we don’t have to.

Now to the pubs thing: It might be a bit difficult to prove that we have more publications than someone else, because the definition of “publication” may vary. For example, is TV a publication? If so, then that Holmes guy may win the prize. Are the founders of and Ashi (home inspector certifying organizations) home inspectors? If so, they definitely win. The number of publications done by NACHI is enormous and so very helpful to the entire world of home inspectors. NACHI is awesome but they’re probably too busy with their own business to consider themselves to be home inspectors.

So if the word “publications” means widely read articles, Garth might just have the title. Garth has about 40 articles published on one of the world’s largest news web sites ( with over a half million hits. If five books count, or if about a half dozen articles in major newspapers count, or if hundreds of podcasts and Youtube vids count, then we’re right there. If you or someone you know is more published than that, let us know. Then we’ll just lay claim to being the home inspector with the dirtiest socks – it’s all good.

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Utah’s most highly recommended home inspector

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