Fireplace Flue: Disaster in waiting

Fireplace Flue: Disaster in waiting

Ah, the fireplace flue. Does anybody really think to think of them? It seems that people spend more time thinking of flues while watching Mary Poppins than actually thinking about the one in their home. But ignoring your flue can be like leaving the stove on all the time – eventually something bad is going to happen.

As a home inspector, I have inspected homes where even the contractor didn’t think of the flue – he just put a fireplace there in the room and didn’t bother with the flue. Such a deadly and unthinking mistake could be fatal – and it’s the same for the home owner.

Then there’s the critter issue.

The Home Medic explains what issues to be aware of as relates to your fireplace flue. If you really want to keep your money in your wallet and your family out of the hospital, you’ll need to know what’s in this podcast.

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