Garth Haslem graduated from BYU with a civil engineering degree and a master’s degree in 1985. He worked in the environmental and construction engineering sectors for eight years, then started his business as a home inspector in 1993. At the time, there were few choices for home inspections, and even less guidance as to what a home inspection should be. Since that time, many have entered and left the home inspection business. Those who truly serve tended to be more successful.

As a licensed civil and structural engineer, Garth had a hand up on others who simply sought to enter the business based on a need for income. Garth found the inspection business to be a good match for him, as he gets to wear levis and tennis shoes, work outside part of the time, and not report to a boss (other than his wife).

Doing home inspections also allows his passion for ultimate frisbee. He plays ultimate three times a week.

During one of his inspections, Garth met an individual who works for Deseret Media, who recommended that he write articles on his experience. Since that time Garth has become one of the most successful non-employee writers for, Deseret News, and other news outlets. He has published over 40 stories with a total of over 450,000 clicks.[/su_column][/su_row]

Garth has published four books. The first of these reflects Garth’s passion for customer service and is titled “Creating Passionate Customers”. The next three deal with real estate and home inspection issues. Those titles are “The Home Maintenance Guide”, “The Home Buyer’s Guide” and the “Household Hazards Handbook”. They are available on and on this web site.

Those publications got the ball rolling. Since that time Garth has begun work on a youtube collection, and he was featured on KSL radio as The Home Medic.  More recently, Garth is preparing a podcast and youtube library on home maintenance. These provide guidance to homeowners worldwide on how to “Keep your money in your wallet and your family out of the hospital”. When the timing is right, these podcasts will be made available on a limited basis to radio stations nationwide.

Since 1993, Garth has learned that in most home related issues, the homeowner has a choice: do the right thing now and the cost of the task generally is easy to bear. He calls that The $10 Fix. On the other hand, when a homeowner doesn’t know what to do, or doesn’t do the right thing, the repair can be more like $10,000. That’s The $10,000 fix. Sometimes the cost of the $10,000 fix can be much greater. It cost one of his friends over $500,000. For others, the price can be a trip to the hospital – and sometimes it can be the morgue. These are the items that Garth covers in his articles, videos and podcasts.

We invite you to peruse our library of experience and gain from Garth’s knowledge. And if we can help you, please feel free to call (801) 763-1932.