Wood fireplace: Keeping yours safe

Got a wood fireplace? Wood is awesome because it not only warms you when you’re burning it – it warms you when you’re chopping the stuff as well. But as they say in the info-mercials: “Wait – there’s more”. Burning wood not only warms your bones, but it also warms the critters living in the wood. Set a log on fire and you may just see what has been living in there – unless it’s already escaped into your living room. Spiders, ants, termites – the list of guests brought into your home from wood piles could be endless.

Fireplaces: keeping your gas fireplace safe

Got a gas fireplace? Many of us do. They provide better safety than the old wood burners, more convenience, and you don’t have to chop wood or bring in spiders. But for all their advantages, gas burners can still have their issues. Unprotected or inadequately protected gas fireplaces can be a great start spot for children to burn your home down. And if it’s not that, then flue issues can result in poisoning of the air.